10 Day Countdown

With uncertainty surrounding Ross Barkley's Everton contract, Keoman has given the England star 10days to either sign the new contract or he faces the boot!  In my opioion it seems like Barkley is stalling the contract for a possible easier way to leave the club. I however Barkley is just started to show consistency for... Continue Reading →

Klopp Ban Yes or No?

With Liverpool becoming frustrated with the 0-0 game against Southampton tension rose as a much needed win didn't happen for them.  However it was the Liverpool manager who lost his temper on the sidelines smashing a bottle to the ground. With previous scenarios this year resulting in banns and fines (Moruinho) it happens that Klopp... Continue Reading →

£30m Sunderland Man

With Sunderland becoming the first team relegated this season I'm sure some of there players would love to stay in the Premier League. But do they all deserve it? With Defoe heavily rumoured to leave and be reunited with Sam Allardyce there is another individual who is a wanted man. JORDAN PICKFORD... he is wanted... Continue Reading →

Classic Boots are Back! 

As we know football boots are forever changing style. With the originally black and white boots becoming a rarity nowadays. I miss the classic pull over tongue over the laces, nowadays some boots don't even have laces! HOWEVER... Adidas have teamed up with David Beckham to relaunch the classic Preadtor boot, which I am very... Continue Reading →

Aguero Blue to Red

Since the singing of Gabriel Jesus it is clear that the Man City manger favours him over Aguero. It appears he will be the starting striker form next season. With Aguero being one of the top strikers in the world I don't think he will be too happy being second best! It appears that Manchester... Continue Reading →

Man City Vs Palace Prediction 

Huge game today for Man City looking to gain points on Liverpool to clinch that 3rd place. With Palace sanding in there way today. Who have recently beat the league leaders Chelsea at home. However with the top players City have and the ever exciting Gabriel Jesus starting ahead of the injured Aguero I believe... Continue Reading →

Wenger Speaks Out About Ozil

As we know Arsenal are heavily in the media due to there manager and the top profile players uncertainty if they are staying or going. With a lack of key performances from the top players rumours are escalating they will not be at the London club next season. Arsene Wenger has stated Ozil's lack of... Continue Reading →

Good News for Mason

Everyone has seemed to forgotten about Ryan Mason horrific head injury in January. However the Hull midfielder has returned to the training ground for the first time since fracturing his skull. Even though there hasn't been a date set for his return it's still good news to hear him back at the Hull training facilities.... Continue Reading →

Heaton on High Demand 

Burnley goalkeeper Tom Heaton is wanted by a numerous amount of Premier League clubs after becoming a consistent keeper.  The two main clubs who are in pursuit of the England international are Crystal Palace and newly promoted side Newcastle United. However it'll cost them around £15mil if they want to sign the England keeper, with... Continue Reading →

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